Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Blue Cross – Blue Sheild’s phone number?

Traditional/ Community Blue PPO – 800-972-9797
Point of Service – Blue Choice – 800-972-8344
Blue Care Network – HMO – 800-662-6667

What’s Blue Cross Blue Sheild’s Address?

Traditional / PPO:
Customer Service
PO Box 894
Grand Rapids MI 49518

Customer Service
PO Box 820
Grand Rapids MI 49518

Can you help with a claim problem?

Call BCBSM or EBS. You will need to know Date of Service, Dollar Amount, and your contract number.

Where do I send claims?

Fax them to EBS at 616-696-8480. You will need to fax the itemized bill with your contract number on the bill. We will then contact you.

What’s Priority Health’s customer service number?

Fax: 616-957-3420
You will need an Itemized Bill, Contract Number and Group Number.

What’s Care Choice’s contact information?

Member Services – 800-852-9780
PO Box 9082
Farmington Hills, MI 48333

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